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The Eco Artisan

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This one day workshop is designed for people ready to take their beautiful idea onto being a beautiful business, one that places an ecological conscience at the heart of every decision it makes. There is a special focus on the natural and organics beauty and skincare products sector. We look at environmental footprints, supply chains, record keeping, Good Manufacturing Practice and your personal relationship with Nature.

Saturday 4 September 2022
9.30 - 4.30
Centre for Nature Connection
Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, NZ
Lunch and refreshments provided

Places are strictly limited to maximum of 8 people.

We are unable to issue refunds for cancellations, but we will place a credit on your account to use for future events, or for purchasing online courses and products.

Live events are subject to government Covid policy.

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If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms and cannot attend this event, please let us know at least 1 hour before the event is due to start by emailing: georgina@archeus.co.nz. You will be offered credit on your account to use for a future event.  

Build a business for the Ecological Age

Building a business can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. But starting out on that track can be overwhelming. This workshop is designed o help you with the stuff that is hard to get help with, so that you can build your beautiful idea into a business AND know that you are able to make better informed decisions around your environmental impacts.

This helps you create a truly eco-conscious business.


Natural skincare creators



This workshop is ideal for anybody who is creating and working with natural ingredients such as essential oils, butters, waxes. It is led by Georgina Langdale who has been formulating and making natural skincare products since establishing Archeus in 2013. During that time she has been selected as a finalist in sustainability awards and international beauty industry awards.

This one-day workshop looks at:

Ecosystems - understanding factors that contribute to your environmental footprint.

Your Raw Ingredients - understand where they are from and how they are grown.

Getting the Paperwork Right - the records you need to keep for your products and your premises.

Making for Market - the claims you can make (and cannot) about your product's benefits.

You are Your Idea - explore how your business aligns with you, your values, your dreams, your ethics.

Plus, we look at your own relationship with nature.


The workshop runs from 9.30 - 4.00pm
Sunday 4 August, 2022
Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Discounts will be available to attendees for purchases of Archeus products, books and other products.

Strictly limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Centre for Nature Connection
private artisan studio and organic gardens
24 Tauroa Road
Havelock North 4130

$10 from every place booked on this course will be donated to ecological restoration projects.

Georgina has created a wonderful balance of practical business advice from her own experiences, grounded with an educated focus on environmental impacts. This has brought be back to 'the roots' of my focus for creating organic skincare formulations. Favourite quote "You can't manage what you don't measure". Thanks Georgina!


I found this course to be extremely helpful as it exactly fitted my ethics + values and how to set up a business so that it also reflected these.


It's so amazing how Georgina shares her experience with the background of her corporate work. Rules and regulations can be a jungle, Georgina was leading the way through this!


A Sacred Space for Beautiful Dreams

The Centre for Nature Connection is an artisan studio set amid private
organic gardens - a perfect setting for dreams to blossom.

Turning Dreams into Business

Take the next steps towards creating your own natural products or skincare
business with the help of someone who has built a business from scratch (and won awards along the way).

Respect Nature

Learn how your business decisions can impact Nature, so that you can become a force for good in this world


Georgina Langdale

Georgina Langdale is the founder of Archeus and the Centre for Nature Connection.

For over thirty years she has been working with the concept of nature inspired wellness of people, places and even economics. She has worked, studied and trained in end-of-life care, environmental science, herbalism, botany and nutrition and continually hones her skill as a coach, doula, reiki master, shamanic practitioner and ecotherapist. 

Georgina created the Beauty Business Nature online course in 2020 to help people build an eco-conscious business and now is running in-person workshops on building a business that works with nature, not against it.

Sharing experience to help you build your Business

In 2013 I launched my artisanal business Archeus and I set out to not only make natural skincare products, but to place nature at the heart of the business. I wanted to be able to give back to nature and to tread as lightly on this earth as I could.

Before establishing Archeus my professional experience included running a communications agency in London, working for the United Nations Environment Programme and for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew and I had been a judge for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment. Looking at how we can work with nature, rather than against her was in my veins. And for the past decade or so I had been at the cutting edge of people, organisations and institutions working as hard and as fast as they could to help us reduce our impacts on the environment.

So this workshop draws all that experience and knowledge together.

I don’t teach you HOW to formulate your products in this workshop – but I introduce concepts about sustainability, ecosystems and our impacts on them. I get you to connect deeply to your relationship with nature, and to understand your business’s relationship with the natural world too.

Plus I share information on some the practical aspects of setting up a natural skincare business from record keeping to the things you can (and cannot) say about your product benefits.

Just on the practical business stuff alone, I wish this resource had been there for me when I was starting out – it would have saved me so much time, and so much money. But to also have a course that can help lighten our footprint and be part of the change we want in this world – that is where the magic can really happen.

Georgina xx