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What are Plant Essences?

Plant essences (also known as flower remedies) are safe and gentle forms of natural healing. The vibrational imprint of the plant is extracted in water, which is then further diluted in water and then preserved with a small amount of alcohol. We use brandy. Some people confuse them with essential oils which are a highly concentrated physical extract (which is why they can be harmful to the skin and should not be taken internally), whereas plant essences are a subtle energy “extract.” Plant essences and essential oils are very complimentary to each other in healing work.

1: Plant essences are safe to use internally and externally

2: Plant essences do not contraindicate with other medications

3: Plant essences  can be used by people of any age. 

4: Plant essences can also be used for helping our beloved animals

What do Plant Essences do?

Like us, each plant has its own vibration and unique qualities and character. Just like people, plants are not one-dimensional. They have many qualities and aspects and the more you get to know them, the more you will come to recognise and love their nuances and quirks.Plant essences help us tap into that energetic character to help with our own emotional support. For example, the native tree Kawa Kawa is used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic. It grows under the canopy but will reach towards the light at the edge of forests. So looking at this picture of the plant energetically, we see this plant’s ability to help ward off negativity and help us move emotionally from darkness to a lighter mood or sense of being.

How do I select them?

The first step to working with plant essences and elixirs is getting to know them well. The easier they come to mind, the easier making the best selection of essences at any particular time.

You can use plant essences as a single essence, or you can blend different plant essences together to create an elixir blend. I have also created a series of preblended elixirs for you here.

Edward Bach recommended no more than seven essences in a blend. This can be because it just creates too much noise in the energetics. Where you can use just one remedy, use just one remedy. In herbalism this approach is known as ‘Simples’. One plant medicine at a time.

When I work with plants, I always start by identifying the major underlying issue for the person and the plant that will best meet that need. But from there I find plant allies to build out and augment the healing and vibrational field.

Sometimes I think of this like creating a musical chord from a series of notes or composing a painting. I look for complementary actions and harmonic resonance.

Tips for selecting them:

1:  Think about what is going on for you emotionally that you are seeking to change or shift - so you are looking at the negative state and thinking about how you want to change that.

2: Think about the positive state you wish to create.

3: From this you can start to look through the plant essence description (or the elixir blends) and find the ones that resonate with how you are feeling and what you wish to feel. You may find that more than one plant steps for ward from you and that is fine. If you buy them as single essence you can use the ones you re more drawn to on a particular day, or you could blend them yourself to meet your need.


Step One – Ask yourself:What am I feeling right now? (be really present with this). Am I feeling scared, sad, angry, lost, tired etc?What do I want to feel? (really envisage what would feel best for you right now) I want to feel calm, strong, I want to communicate clearly, feel protected…Which plant do I have an affinity with? Which is the plant that will help me through this?What is the plant that will help me dream big? Which plant is going to help me create the world I want?

Step Two – Select the plants that resonate for you, being guided by the answers to your questions above (then you can start to narrow it down to:

Plant for the Problem – which is the plant I feel will help me the MOST through this?

Plant for Support– which is the plant that will help both me and also support the first plant?

Plant for the Dream– which plant really opens me up to becoming and feeling what I want?

Tip: you can use a couple of different plants for some of these points if you need to.


Jenny has been having a series of meetings with a colleague she finds difficult. She feels like he talks over her, doesn’t listen and doesn’t take her contributions to meetings seriously. There is another meeting coming up and she wants to feel better about the meeting. She selects the following essences:

Plant for the Problem

She chooses Motherwort so she can listen to her inner voice of wisdom – the wise woman bravely standing her ground and taking no rubbish from anyone.

Plant for the Support

She chose Totara to stand guard and protect her, and keep an eye out so Motherwort could do her thing

Plant for the Dream

Jenny chose two plants: Mullein so she could listen well and speak her truth with clarity, and Evening primrose to help her remain flexible, open-minded and joyful.

How do I use them?

1:  You can add a couple of drops of the plant essence to water and sip. So for example you could add some drops to your bottle of water and sip through the day.

2:   In an emergency you can put a couple of drops under your tongue.

3:   You can also anoint chakra and pulse points with a drop of the essence.

4:   They are beautiful to use to help bring extra focus to meditation, prayer, reiki and yoga etc.

When you use your Archeus Plant Essence Set you may find that sometimes you just feel the need to work with one of the plants. At other times you may want to use a combination – that is all OK. You can’t overdose on them. They are also ok to take along side other medication because they are working at an energetic, rather than physiological level.

How can something so subtle be effective?

Archeus founder, Georgina Langdale, describes plant essences as ‘quantum physics for the soul’. They help you deepen your connection with nature and start to see how different plants and trees can provide you with support, like a really good friend. 

Throughout time there has been recognition that everything is connected. These essences help you connect to the healing power of the landscape wherever you are. They are not like taking cough medicine, they are weaving energetic connections for you and the natural world.

Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better” – and these plant essences help you do just that.


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