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Essence of Nature Sacred Passage Kit

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Essence of Nature Sacred Passage Kit

This set has been created to support someone nearing death and to care for their body naturally after death.

The set contains plant essence elixir blends, an essential oil blend for a diffuser, a body oil infused with aromatic and deeply symbolic essential oils and a hydrosol & plant essence blend for washing the body.

Love and Care at Endings

We can help with Sacred Passing

If you are caring for someone at the end of life here is a carefully prepared kit of beautiful natural products to massage, anoint and wash, plus an essential oil blend to create a calm and beautiful aromatic atmosphere.

This kit has arisen out of my experiences of being with people at the end of life, as they die and after death. This is a truly sacred passage. One that we all will face at some stage.

Society’s disconnection from nature has only added to the anxiety and unknowingness of death. By losing sight of the rhythms and seasons of nature, we have lost sight of our own being, our own life transitions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can call on nature to help people dying and those being left behind. We can find allies in nature to help support us in times of need. We can connect with the energy, the Archeus, that flows through all things. From nature we come and to nature we go, and thus calling on the energies of plants to be present during and following this transition can help us feel more connected, less afraid, less alone.

 This kit has been created to bring nature into the room for the sacred passage at the very end of life. Every botanical ingredient has been chosen for its beneficial properties, its energetics and for its place in ritual and care throughout time. The items in this set offer a way that we can contribute to the care of someone as they pass and help remove the sense of helplessness we can feel, by creating connection to each other, living and dead, and to nature.

 All of the items in this kit can be used for natural burials and every purchase honours our place in nature by supporting plant conservation and habitat restoration.


Add a few drops of Peace & Calm essential oil blend to an aroma diffuser to create a calming, aromatic and sacred ambience to a room;

Quintessence flower remedy can provide emotional and spiritual support at the time of passing;

Use Holding Space flower remedy blend as needed to help support each person in the room;

Corpus et Anima Massage oil can be used to give gentle hand and feet massages, and for applying to the body after death;

Frankincense & Lavender Body Wash can be used to wash a loved one after death.

 Each Kit is enough to care for one person and contains:

100ml Frankincense Lavender & Kawakawa Body Wash

10ml Corpus et Anima Massage Oil

5ml Peace & Calm Essential Oil Blend

10ml Quintessence flower remedy blend

10ml Holding Space flower remedy blend

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