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Everything is Connected

The soul is nourished by the creativity that flows through and around us.

georgina langdale
atelier signatum naturalis


Colour, sound, plant, rock, gem, clay... everything is connected. Objects, images are all imbued with soul and all come from the same source of prima materia.

While plants are one form of creative material I work with, there are many others. This gallery allows me to place visual and applied art creations within the context of my wider work.

The ancients believed that images, gems, sounds could draw down the spiritual power from the cosmos

georgina langdale

Art takes many forms

I find that creative expression seeks to find its own form and whether I am working with aromas, plant materials, astrological patterns and chords, music, colour, paint, sculpture or built form, the desire to create and the approach to each creation is the same.My work is a love letter to our planet and the universe we orbit within.First and foremost I draw on the many years of expertise in working with nature for healing and for supporting the wellbeing of body and soul and express myself through the plants and their healing properties, astrological alignments, symbolism and signatum.