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Bespoke Service

Items crafted for you using the wisdom of ancients

We can find our resonances in Nature

georgina langdale

The Opportunity

Imagine having your very own natural perfume and skincare products created for you via the artful alchemy of being seen as the ancients would have seen you.

Imagine plants being harvested in accordance with the movement of planets above and the ever-turning wheel of the seasons below. And these plants then used to create your own unique items.

Imagine a portrait of your relationship with nature and cosmos being rendered in exquisite natural aromatics– a true signature scent made only for you.

This bespoke service gives you the opportunity to be truly seen and for body and soul to be nurtured in profound ways.

This has the power to reframe your understanding of connection with the natural world.

georgina langdale

The Offering

The skin is our largest organ, and it is our interface with the world around us and so making items to be absorbed by the skin is a way of drawing in the sympathetic vibration of nature that resonates with your own particular constitution.

I will create for you a number of items for body and soul.

The Works

A skin serum for face and body

A face cream or balm (depending on your elemental profile)

A flower essence blend for soul and emotions  

An eau de parfum using natural essences

A perfume oil so that you can experience your signature perfume in a different form

A reading of your renaissance chart

Perfume Only

An eau de parfum using natural essences

A perfume oil so that you can experience your signature perfume in a different form

A reading of your renaissance chart

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Looking to the past can help us navigate the future.


The Process

Upon purchasing this service, you will provide some basic details and answer some questions so that I can create your astrological chart in the same way Ficino would have done.

Through mapping your points of connection with the cosmos I can explore the universe of body and soul and find the plants that are aligned as allies to bring about balance, support, comfort and healing. Then I map the planetary transits that give rise to the optimum time to make your own perfume, serum, cream and flower essence blend.

Many of the plants used are grown organically in my gardens and I will be harvesting them at appropriate times to create these items.

Once I have completed work on this ‘renaissance chart’, I will share my findings with you in your own personal video recording, which I will send to you. Once you have had some time to digest this information I will delve deeper into your connections with nature and landscape in order to start to develop the aromatic odyssey that will become your personal perfume. This will be done via questionnaire and zoom.

This process is art, and it is soul work. It takes time. Creating these perfumes and balsams is a process of building and blending nature, wisdom, myth and legend. This cannot be rushed and so expect to wait for your items as this is not a process of instant gratification. I will keep in touch with you via email through the process so you are aware of progress.

For the perfume you will receive an aroma kit that enables you to choose three key aromatics in each register of the perfume blend. You will receive upto two variations before the final perfume blend.

When all the products are made, I will send them to you with my notes on key signatum within the items created for you, and how you may use these also in meditation and visualizations. I keep the formulas so that you are able to reorder items as you wish.

Because they have been made to your own unique astrological alignment, they will never be duplicated for others to procure.

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